Our Core Values

It all started with a picture created in 1965 by one of our owner’s proud grandfather.          IMG_9680

Starting as a small poultry processing plant in 2004 for one of Canada’s largest grocery stores, TP Poultry has grown to continue serving the retail industry and supply consumers with the best quality and freshest poultry across Ontario!
For the President, Dino Furia, the company’s core values are engraved within his work ethic as he continues to lead TP Poultry towards becoming one of the largest suppliers of fresh poultry across Canada!

About Our Process

Inspection Process

As a non-slaughter processing plant, our Quality Assurance team inspects every load coming into the plant to ensure that quality and freshness of our product is up to federal standards.

De-Boning Process

With over 30 skilled de-boners, each product is cut in-house and crafted to provide the best quality meat before entering our trays.

Packaging Process

Our vital tray pack team receives quarterly training on packaging our product to perfection, to ensure customer satisfaction is met, if not exceeded!